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Influences – this is what inspires me to build instruments instead of buy them. Along with some of the links further down the page, too.

Geoff Davis does printmaking, woodcarving, leatherwork, and a variety of other things. I built a soprano ukulele at one of his classes. (Which subsequently got flooded and disassembled itself, but that’s not important now.) He’s good people.

Musical Instrument Maker’s Forum – some plans for sale, and an excellent (and generally polite) forum. Tons of information in discussions and archives. This site really inspired me to start building, and helps to keep me going.

DaSilva Ukulele Co. – One of my favorite independent builders, along with Dave Talsma, Joel Eckhaus, and Dave Means (check those guys out as well.) He’s got some building videos in addition to fantastic instruments, including reproductions of old ukuleles. And a cool hat.

Ukulele Construction – various sites that have pictures and stuff.

Kathy Matsushita’s Amateur Luthier site – Good stuff here. Mostly guitars, but she’s also done a few ukes.

Kawika ukuleles – lots of good technical data stuff about good ukes, although no longer producing instruments.

Steve Miklos – Excellent photo documentation of building one of the Stew-Mac uke kits. Also has info (with photos) on dulcimer and guitar building.

Al McWhorter (Facebook page) built a concert uke and liked it so much he moved to Oregon and now builds commercially. There used to be photo documentation of his first build, but I’m not going to try to dig through historical FB posts to find it.

Thomas Snape‘s uke construction. He’s got several to look at.

Hana Lima ‘Ia – parts, kits, plans, classes. The supplies for my first tenor came from them, and I’ve ordered tuners and things since then.

Guild of American Luthiers – including Martin tenor uke plan.

Stewart-MacDonald – lutherie supplies.

Luthiers Mercantile International – more lutherie supplies.

‘Ukuleles (construction) – looks like step by step documentation of someone’s class. Don’t know much about it, but it has pictures.

Players and Musicians

James Hill – maybe Jake Shimabukuro gets more exposure and is flashier, but I’d rather listen to James.

Pops Bayless and Shorty Long – Former Asylum Street Spanker and part of Shorty Long, he’s pretty busy. He did an interview here.

Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, the Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis – for various reasons.

Other Stuff

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