Cables and Boxes

The A/V goons hauled out an Alesis io|2 audio interface and hooked it up to a computer last night for testing. Seems to work fine, and some of the staff are using it for practice for when they get called to be the Voice of Authority in our informational videos. Which haven’t been done yet, but hey, might as well practice, right?

Oh, the vast untapped potential of such an item has me positively giddy. Think I’ll go lie down for a bit. Here’s a picture.



Slumco Brain Control Project

A project of the World Domination Division.

The Slumco Brain Control Project (SBCP) was initiated prior to March 2008 and has been in development intermittently since that time.

The first deliverable from SBCP is projected to be an audio/music file which is intended to be distributed at no charge (subject to change). This file is currently in the early stages of development. Further details will be released as they become available.

Don’t hold your breath.