Baby Steps

Not a lot of progress, what with holidays, vacation, and other projects. Although many are restricted to their homes and not working, I’m still putting in 40 hours a week. It’s just from my dining table instead of an office.

As noted last time, I forgot to leave a way to get the ground wire from the bridge to the control cavity. So here’s that done:

Chunk of pretty wood with some holes in it.

Bass body with new (and improved?) holes.

You can also see where I’ve drilled new mounting holes for the bridge. The new holes are in back. This will let me actually have some useful range for saddle compensation, and also should fix the off-center strings problem.

(Not visible is half of a broken-off screw in the old bass-side hole. Yet another reason to redrill. I tried to extract it, but the screw extractor I have is too large, so I just drilled it out with a 1/16″ bit. Mostly.)

Here’s some more carving on the output jack cavity.

The edge of the nice wood with ugly scarring.

More carving for the output jack. And a little chisel.

Next up is getting messy.

Cans and jars and bottles and junk.

Supplies for French polish.

It’s also a good view of the Zyliss vise that I’ve had sitting in a cabinet for at least 20 years. Really. Barely used, because it’s aluminum and I’m afraid that I would crank it down too hard and break it. But what the heck, I saw it the other day and said to myself, “Hey, I can mount that on the bench and save space in the cabinet!” So I did.

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