Strung up in the white. This way I can get a rough setup and look for major problems.

Still needs all the wiry stuff.

What lousy photo composition. It’s not something I’m good at. Should have taken it outside, but I want the wood to acclimate to indoor temperature and humidity. (The neck made a nice hygrometer in the garage.)

The nut is too high. Although this was intentional and will be lowered after finishing.

Current setup is for gorilla hands.

The E string is too close to the edge of the fretboard because the neck taper isn’t symmetrical.

Sides that match cost extra.

The solution is to not bend that string while playing, I guess. And to move the nut over towards the treble side just a bit. That’s why you leave the nut wide until you’ve done everything else.

Edited to add: The problem appears to be a bridge in the wrong location, not an asymmetrical fretboard. (Off-center and possibly rotated a bit.) And the solution is, of course, to redrill the mounting holes and put it in the right place.

I realized after I installed the bridge that I hadn’t drilled a hole for the bridge ground wire. So that’s something to do before breaking out the sandpaper.

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