Update time, I guess

Not as much progress over the holidays as I’d like, but that’s what happens around this time of year. All the help migrates south for the winter.

At least the first two photos have already been posted to Instagram and Facebook, so unless you’re interested in reading about the details, you can skip this post. Both of you.

2019-01-01 13.11.20

Fancy-schmancy flush-fit control cavity cover.

This bit didn’t come out quite as nicely as I’d have liked.

The template that I’d used to cut the control cavity was, um, let’s say misplaced. (I suspect I used it for something else and cut it up, then tossed the scraps. Because when am I ever going to need a control cavity template, right?) So I traced the outline of the body, and the edge of the cavity with in, and lined it up on the slice of the body blank that I still had, and the rest was scroll saw and sanding.

The time required to actually get to the scroll saw was longer than the actual cutting, I think. Oh, and I had to thin it somewhat with the Wagner Safe-T-Planer, which meant that the chuck kept coming off the drill press, until I whacked it hard enough with a ball peen hammer.

It was supposed to be a better grain match than this, but I guess most people won’t see it anyway since this is for my own use.

On the plus side, it planed down level pretty well with a Stanley 4-1/2 plane.

2019-01-01 13.11.26

Starting to round off the pointy bits.

I got out chisels and rasp to start knocking the sharp edges off the body. Pencil marks showing the extent of the eventual rounding are visible. This wood (Khaya, most likely) doesn’t carve as nicely as the maple for the neck. This will take a while.


Back of the neck, where the cold water goes. It’s like rain on wilted lettuce.

I don’t think I’d thinned the headstock when I last showed the neck. Now I have. It’s pretty decent. Got most of the sanding scratches out of the neck, too. That dark line near where the nut will be isn’t a crack, just a really dark grain line.

Here are the pickup cavities, which were a bit too tight for the pickups I’d bought. Ideally I’d use the routing template to clean them up, but, well, see above.


Pickup cavities. Woo.

So I did it manually, with a chisel and round file. Looks like my no-name super cheapo ceramic clone of a Jazz bass pickup will fit okay.


Test fitting.

It looks better in person. You can’t see the stiff wires that are stuffed underneath. Should be enough space for some conductive foil shielding.


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