Headstock and neck

Cleaned up headstock, drilled tuner holes, scribed for inlay.

Tenor neck in progress

Neck, pretty close to final shape.

The shape of the heel isn’t exactly what I’d intended but there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Back of headstock.

Back of headstock.

Those holes are 10mm diameter and look even bigger in real life. This will have closed-back geared tuners, which wasn’t my first choice, but when I drilled the holes, I got too close to the edge of the headstock. The open-back geared tuners that I was going to use would overhang the edge a bit, so I had to redrill to use the closed-back tuners.

Front of headstock.

Front of headstock.

After shaping a blank of finest mother-of-toilet-seat, I tacked it to the headstock with CA adhesive and scribed the edge with an X-Acto knife. That should prevent any tear-out when routing the inlay cavity.


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