Guitar, effectively completed

I’m calling it done. Still needs setup and string trimming, which is to say, it’s as ready as a store-bought version. I lowered the plastic nut, possibly too much, but it’s pretty easy to make a new one from bone which I probably have somewhere around here.


More below the jump.

Some specs:

Alder body, maple neck, 24″ scale. I don’t know the specifics of the parts, as they were supplied to us, but I added conductive tape inside the cavities and cut away the pickguard to fit the bridge and neck. (Somehow I got a 24″ neck and a 25.5″ pick guard and template. I made it work.)

Finish is oil-based wood dye, sanded back and reapplied to enhance the grain, then lots of Deft spray lacquer. Wet-sanded through just about every grit of paper I have, all the way through Micro-Mesh 12000, then polished out (by hand) twice with Meguiar’s Scratch-X.

This was mostly completed at a class at Woodcraft of Southwest Houston, taught by Frank Coleman. Search this site for ‘Guitar’ to see all the previous posts about it.

How does it sound? Heck, I don’t know. I can’t play this thing. Makes sound through an amp, though. Might have a slight buzz on the high E string, but as I said at the beginning,  I haven’t done a full setup yet.

Here’s some more photos. As usual, clickify to embiggenate.


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