Recorder Stand, 2011

A folding stand for recorders, made from walnut. Probably 2011, but I’m not certain. The pegs for the instruments fit into holes in the top, or can be stored in the body. The lid is opened to add stability. Isn’t that neat? (Don’t answer that.)

It’s not as stable as I’d like and one of the pegs is loose, and the largest peg is a bit too short to be used for a bass. I wouldn’t try one of the Yamaha left-handed sewer pipes bent-neck basses on it. (Kidding aside, those are great instruments.) The hole in the end of the lid is a mistake. Still, not a complete failure. If I get organized and motivated, this could be a saleable product, but it’s not much of an improvement over what’s already available.

2 thoughts on “Recorder Stand, 2011

  1. I just bought both of these stable recorder stands for my wife (great Valentines, anniversary, birthday, holiday gift!) from Andover, MA: Beautifully crafted designs. They hold the entire range of recorders at once including a bass. Strangely, the stands hold the very small Garklein recorder, but needs an even thinner post to hold a Moeck sopranino which has an ultra small bell bore.

  2. Just to clarify, the stand shown on this page is not for sale. The ones at the jp-enterprises link are for sale, but they aren’t inexpensive. (If I were to build these to sell, they’d cost just as much. I’m cheap so I built my own.)

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